Always, Diane is a little blog that I have started to document different aspects of my life.


Who is Always, Diane? I’m twenty three and I live in sunny Suffolk. I work part time as a customer service adviser for a high fashion department store. The rest of my week is spent being a house girlfriend and making our house a home. I am an Instagram addict and obsessed with Interior Design. My life consists of all different wish lists that I know I will never be able to buy, but hey thats life isn’t it – online window shopping at it’s finest. Daydreaming is pretty much my favourite pass time. I love imagining what our new home is going to look like once it is complete – if that is ever going to happen and I love thinking about all the holidays that we will probably never go on.

What else defines me? Well, I drink endless amounts of tea with two sugars of course. I own more loungewear than actual going out clothes and I can talk for England. I love writing and you will alway see me scribbling into my various notepads. I have a Heidi Swapp planner which I am always filling in and I also keep a memory diary where I write about days that are special to me and add a few pictures that I don’t want to forget. I am interested in various things such as fashion, beauty, home and anything else really. I am also a huge admirer of anyone who has or is dealing with mental health issues as this has played a huge part of my life. 

My main loves in life? Obviously my handsome fiancé Shaun is the biggest love of my life and coming in a very close second is my naughty puppy Henry. He’s not really naughty but he does have a the most mischievous face I ever did see. These two will probably feature a lot in Always, Diane and I know that Shaun is also interested in writing a few guest posts too!